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This is a text is a work in progress 21/04/2023

In my work, there's always been underlying tones of melancholy, of longing, searching, for a sense of belonging. It has become a melting pot of many inner turmoils, feelings and reflections. I try to express, pass on and show these strong and deep feelings that empower my everyday life.


The Forest has been the birthplace for most of the practice. Before in a more direct manner, now it still holds a central seat but is taking a small step back. For me, the Forest has been the place where things make sense and where I feel at home, conflicted as I am between my two homelands. 

At this very moment I am really interested in ancient beekeeping techniques (discovered in the little yellow book Hives, 2400 B.C.E. – 1852 C.E. by Ellen Lapper and Aladin Borioli). Also old farmhouse objects and trinkets. My studio is full of hay. 

My past goth days are coming back to me and it's making its way into my work, through some shapes, styles and influences. As you all know, an artists work is always evolving, every day things can change. I'll make sure to come back here and let you know how it's changing as I go along.


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